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Morren Galleries, founded by Eric Morren in 1993, has three locations in The Netherlands. Since its founding, Morren Galleries has become well known for the promotion of contemporary figurative artists from both The Netherlands and countries around the world. For almost two decades Morren Galleries has exhibited hundreds of artists, ranging from emerging to established.

Eric Morren opened his first gallery in the historical heart of Utrecht on the Oudegracht 340. His father was director at a large printingfirm, so Eric decided to attend the Graphic Lyceum in Utrecht. But his dream was to start his own gallery. At the age of 22 he realized his dream. In 1995 his wife Séverine Morren joined in and became partner. Séverine, who was 20 at that time, attended the Balletacademy in Amsterdam, but did not finish it. Before she started working with Eric she was travelling and working abroad (USA and France) for two years. This first gallery seems small on the outside but is surprisingly spacious on the inside with two floors. The ground floor consists of several rooms and the 15th century canal-side cellar houses medieval vaults and a professional kitchen. Since its opening this gallery represents artists that work in contemporary realism and whose work is executed in age-old traditional techniques. Represented artists here are a.o. Walter Elst, Eddy Stevens, Jan Bouman, Candace Charlton, Frans Klerkx, Ray Donley, Evert Hartog and others.
On weekdays Séverine Morren is present at the Oudegracht accompanied by Marianne Venderbosch. On weekends the gallery is hosted by Marianne Venderbosch and Emmy Luidinga-Cino. Emmy has a medical carreer as a responsable at the pedriatic ward, specialized in trauma-cases. Besides that she is a scupltor. Together with her husband, poet/author of artbooks Gerrit Luidinga, she is deeply involved in the artworld throughout her whole life.

Morren opened a second gallery in 2006 on the east side of Utrecht to show a less classical and a wider range of figurative art. But just recently (Jan. 2013) Morren decided to reorganize and create a new stage for it's photographers: MORPHO Fine Art Photography as a pop-up gallery. So from now on the focus here is only on contemporary photography. Billy&Hells, Bethany de Forest, Jan Saudek, Dindi, Brooke Shaden and Jamie Baldridge are the represented artists at this location.

In 2008 Morren found the perfect spot for a third gallery, the Prinsengracht 572, located in the heart of the Amsterdam artquarter named 'Spiegelkwartier'. This historical neighbourhood is located across from the Rijksmuseum and includes over seventy specialized art and antique dealers. This third gallery shows a wide range of contemporary figurative art and specializes in photography, monumental sculptures and large paintings.
Karin van der Beek is the managing director in Amsterdam. She is Ma in Arthistory. Besides her busy job at the gallery, she still regularly lectures Arthistory at different universities and does editor and productionwork for international tv-documentaries about art and culture.

PORTRETWINKEL (Portraitshop)
The latest acquisition of Morren Galleries is the Portretwinkel. The concept of the Portretwinkel (translation "Portrait Shop") is unique and therefore well known in Holland and represents a wide variety of portrait painters. It was founded in Haarlem in 1995 by Wilma van der Peet and was acquired by Morren in 2010. At this venue the gallery staff mediates between the clients and the artists and arranges the artist's commission.
Recently Morren Galleries moved the Portretwinkel to Utrecht and integrated it in the exhisting gallery at the Oudegracht.
Marianne Venderbosch is managing the Portretwinkel. She is an Ma in Arthistory and completed the Artacademy in Eindhoven. Next to her responsibilities at the gallery, she works as a visual artist what makes her the perfect mediator for the Portretwinkel!