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Evert den Hartog

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Evert den Hartog (Groot-Ammers, 1949) had his education at the Art Academy in Rotterdam.
His teachers were Bram Roth, Arie Teeuwisse and Gijs Voskuil.
Evert den Hartog knows how to catch the characteristic features of every animal. He observes them with a loving eye, but also with a calculating look, to discover how much he can leave out and still keep the essence of the animal. He is able to catch the dynamic of the running puma, but also the stillness of a pheasant who cautiously is spying on his attacker.
Always searching for the perfect balance, even literally, since his animals often are posing on one leg. Challenging gravity. To create the perfect form, den Hartog works with polyurethane.
Herewith he works the other way around. Usually, when working with clay or plaster, you work from the inside to the outside. Den Hartog carves the polythurane, working from the outside to the inside. To obtain the refined lines in his work, he uses an intense putty-treatment.
His sculptures are being presented on various fairs like TEFAF, PAN, Realisme Amsterdam and Holland Art Fair, Den Haag.